Opportuni-Tree Book Series

“This text fills a void in children’s books by addressing the ideas of business! In a fun and engaging story, children are able to understand the basics of business and work on math skills. The illustrations are unique too! This would make a wonderful addition to every elementary classroom library.” – Kristen Purcell- Boyd (NYS Board of Cooperative Educational Services / Coordinator of Innovative Teaching & Learning)


TeeLee and the OPPORTUNI-TREE takes readers through a very basic yet very important introduction to the world of business, economy, and entrepreneurship!

Written and illustrated by a teacher, it has applications for a range of ages, including math, reasoning, vocabulary, and economics.

Entrepreneurship is a very valuable skill set and is one of the most ignored subjects taught in schools today.

Meaningful skills, mindset, and successful entrepreneurial careers can begin with a simple understanding of these concepts at a young age.

“As a father of a 5 year old and 3 year old – they were asking a few different questions, like “how can i earn money to buy toys?” – YESSSSS!! Glad to be reading a children’s book that is more practical than just about unicorns and ponies! If you’re a parent and want to teach your kids about money (so they can start earning it asap) – then buy this book – it is a great investment!”  Michael Michelini (E-commerce Specialist)


and send one to the young entrepreneur in your life!